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Fusion loses rights to Brabham automotive name

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Automotive manufacturer Fusion Capital has lost the right to use the iconic Brabham name on its BT62 track racing supercar (pictured).

Manufactured in a corner of a bus factory in Adelaide, 100 BT62’s are being made, with the BT63 GT2 Concept a specially designed second model.

The BT62 features a mid mounted, quad cam, longitudinal V8 engine producing 522KW (700HP) of power and torque of 667 Nm (492lb/ft), linked to a six speed sequential transmission.

Chassis and body feature new materials including carbon kevlar and carbon fibre composites.

However Brabham Group’s David Brabham has taken to social media to announce that the collaboration between his company and Fusion Capital in relation to the Brabham Automotive project had come to an end.

Brabham said: “While it is regrettable, the project still had many positives despite the challenges we faced and everyone who contributed should be extremely proud of what was achieved.

“The project had huge potential, but could not be realised.

“The love and support my family have received after this announcement has been overwhelming.”

This is unsurprising as Australian Jack Brabham was three time winner of the Formula 1 world drivers championship, winning in 1959, 1960 and 1966, the last time in a car he designed and manufactured.

Fusion Capital chairman Mat Fitch issued a statement indicating the company still had a future even without rights to the Brabham name.

Fitch said: “Ultimately the strategic direction of both groups did not align – that happens.

“Powertrains are evolving and the opportunity to challenge the mainstream OEMs (manufacturers) has never been greater.

“What we have created provides the perfect platform for the future.”

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