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German energy management company expands in Australia

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Hamburg, Germany-headquartered energy management business 1KOMMA5°, has announced a new partnership with Australian renewable energy and air conditioning company Kozco Energy Group.

According to 1KOMMA5° it grew revenues over 2,000 per cent over 2021 to 2023, and is aiming to develop “a global one-stop-shop” for private and commercial customers wanting to link energy producing and consuming assets “as one integrated hardware and software” system. The size of its revenues were not shared.

It currently offers an energy software platform, named “Heartbeat”, and a virtual power plant to connect energy assets to “increase the profitability of connected energy  systems.”

The company said in a statement on Monday that the expansion in Australia through Kozco will bring its product and software portfolio to “millions of customers” in this market.

“Becoming part of the 1KOMMA5° group enables us to offer customers connected and fully integrated solutions instead of partial hardware components from different providers,” said Kozco’s co-founder Wayne Faranda. 

“Together with 1KOMMA5° we are uniquely positioned to accelerate the transition to CO2-neutral living in Australia and to bring advanced renewable energy solutions integrating climate control and dynamic electricity tariffs to thousands of Australian homes and businesses.”

The German company said that the Australian market has focussed mainly on adding solar to reduce energy and on feed in tariffs which continually change and have now reduced due to the solar saturation.”

It added that its approach is “to control the energy use in the home and business by moving energy use to lower cost times, by controlling energy usage by using renewable power when available, and to design the holistic energy solution.”

Philipp Schröder, CEO and co-founder of 1KOMMA5°, said the deal represented a milestone in its vision of enabling “a worldwide one-stop-shop for renewable energy solutions”. 

“Our existing partners Natural Solar and Solaray Energy were pivotal in shaping our market presence, and we’re now further solidifying our market strength,” said Schroder.

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