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Grants back quantum skills pipeline

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Australian quantum students will participate in five cutting-edge research projects as part of the Next Generation Quantum Graduates Program, a new scheme to be administered by CSIRO.

These projects could help us understand the sub-atomic make up of life, as well as develop an understanding of algorithms and software on a future quantum internet.

An international panel of experts selected the five successful projects that will run out of 11 Australian universities.

The $3.6 million programme aims to solve real industry challenges, while helping grow Australia’s emerging quantum skills and capacity.

CSIRO’s Data61 Science Director Dr Aaron Quigley said: “These projects represent some of Australia’s most ambitious work in quantum for the next generation.

“The research has the potential to revolutionise our understanding of not just computing but the world around us.

“Working alongside industry, these students will be able to take their ideas to impact the lives of people everywhere.

“This pipeline of homegrown talent will help accelerate our thriving local quantum technology industry.”

Deakin University’s Distributed Quantum Computing programme aims to develop algorithms and software to utilise the power of multiple quantum computers networked together. This area of research could lead to advancements in an eventual quantum internet.

ARC Centre of Excellence in Quantum Biology’s (QUBIC) research observing biological processes through quantum technology has the potential to span agriculture, energy, health, and manufacturing.

Picture: Dr Aaron Quigley

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