H2X and KTM Technologies to develop novel hydrogen vehicle chassis

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle manufacturer H2X Global will work with mobility technology group KTM Technologies to develop a modular, lightweight vehicle chassis system for hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles including electric cars, trucks and buses.

H2X recently announced it will build its long awaited hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Gippsland, Victoria while KTM Technologies is the innovation and advanced technology hub within the Pierer Mobility Group.

The agreement will see KTM Technologies develop composite and advanced technologies around e-mobility to ideate concept solutions for an ‘origami chassis platform’, which H2X will use to develop and produce their vehicles in a radically new cost and resource efficient way.

The cutting-edge chassis will use sheet metal folding and welding technologies, making its products easier to produce and maintain and more flexible for variants than a conventional chassis.

H2X CEO Brendan Norman said: “Our partnership with KTM Technologies is a major milestone in establishing ourselves as a global premium hydrogen vehicle manufacturer.

“By leveraging the resources of a company with unparalleled capabilities such as KTM, we are not only securing our own future, but the development of an internationally competitive industry based in Australia.”

Norman said the origami technology allowed very efficient and sustainable manufacturing and low invest cost for tooling which is typically a cost driver in sheet metal forming process.

The latest deal marked an important step in H2X’s journey to become a world leader in hydrogen vehicle manufacturing, he said.

H2X Global has signed deals to supply hydrogen vehicles to Sweden, as well as producing hydrogen powered buses in Malaysia.

Further on from this development, KTM Technologies and H2X are working together on a number of other projects including a motorsport venture around Hydrogen which will be announced in the coming months.

Picture: H2X Global

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