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HDrive to build two electric mini-buses

Manufacturing News

Pure Hydrogen Corporation subsidiary HDrive International will supply two electric mini-buses valued at more than $700,000 to Sapphire Coast Buslines in New South Wales.

HDrive will deliver the two battery electric (BEV) 18-seat mini-buses during the first quarter of 2024 in a deal the first of its type for the company normally associated with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Pure Hydrogen managing director Scott Brown said the company was pleased to be delivering the first zero emissions buses into NSW.

Brown said: “The fast-charging electric capability together with the low floor design is a compelling option for transit companies seeking to improve their green credentials and low their operating costs.

“Similar to other battery electric options currently used by countries leading the transition to clean fleets, these buses feature lower noise and less vibration compared to their diesel counterparts which makes them better for communities.”

Pure Hydrogen has a range of investments in Australia and internationally in green transport including the manufacture of hydrogen generators, HDrive and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer H2X Global.

However its businesses are underpinned by its three natural gas projects underway — Botala Energy’s Serowe Project, the Windorah Project in the Cooper Basin, and Project Venus in the Surat Basin.

Brown said it was hoped the contract would be the first of many similar contracts in future.

“We are investigating using hydrogen generators and electric charging equipment to supply customers so they can be truly zero emissions and not rely on grid power.

“With strong interest in our range of buses and trucks, we are taking steps to ensure we can deliver compelling solutions including procurement of high-quality assets, competitive rental terms, long-term supply of clean hydrogen fuel, maintenance services and end-of-life re-fits.”

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