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Hexagon secures site for ammonia production

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The Western Australian government has approved and allocated land for the construction of Hexagon Energy Materials planned WAH2 ‘low-emissions’ ammonia project aimed at exports to Asia.

The 40 hectare site is in Hexagon’s preferred location at the Maitland Strategic Industrial Area – 2,500ha of land that is strategically located to promote and facilitate the processing of WA’s natural resources in the Pilbara region (see image).

Hexagon welcomed the decision, saying that the site was ideally located to serve key markets in Japan, South Korea and to provide for domestic Australian users.

Chairman Charles Whitfield said: “This is a huge milestone for the project and clears the way for advancing other strategic partnerships which were contingent on securing the project site.

“With this cornerstone asset confirmed, I expect to see results from the other key components of the project work to be formalised ion the near future.”

Hexagon plans to complete a preliminary feasibility report by Q2, 2023.

The project uses natural gas as a feedstock and will utilise capture and storage of CO2 in depleted gas reservoirs delivering what the company called ‘low emissions’ ammonia.

Hexagon said in a statement: “Several credible potential CO2 sequestration alternatives are being developed proximal to WAH2.”

Santos, Woodside and the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group are investigating the Turbridgi site for sequestration.

Hexagon’s project timeline envisages a final investment decision on the project would be made by the end of 2024.


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