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Hypersonix grows portfolio with new US patent

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Hypersonix continues an eventful few months with news it has been awarded a US patent for technology used in its SPARTAN scramjet design. 

The company announced on Thursday (Australian time) that it had obtained US Patent Number US11639700B2, protecting certain key features of an “Airframe integrated scramjet with fixed geometry and shape transition for hypersonic operation over a large Mach number range” for close to 20 years 

According to a statement, the air-breathing, self-igniting scramjet engine invented by Hypersonix co-founder Michael Smart is able to accelerate between Mach 5 and Mach 12, depending on materials and manufacturing process. 

“We are thrilled to have our original ideas recognised by a US patent for our SPARTAN scramjet design,” said Smart. 

“Our team has already integrated my inventions and fresh ideas into various additional features that cement our technological leadership in hypersonic  propulsion and flight.” 

The patent grows Hypersonix’s portfolio of patents to three, the other two being Australian innovation patents, with protection to be sought for features as work progresses on the company’s family of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The news follows delivery of a high-temperature ceramic matrix composite version of its scramjet engine earlier this month, an announcement in April that it has partnered with Rocket Lab USA for the first launch of its DART AE craft, and being awarded its first major contract – providing aircraft for hypersonic tests – with the United States’ Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) the month before.

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