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Incitec research shows reduced GHG emissions from fertiliser combination

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Research undertaken by the fertlisers division of Incitec Pivot has demonstrated what it says is a path to reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the form of nitrous oxide from nitrogen fertilisation.

According to a statement from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on Monday, their results demonstrated using a nitrification inhibitor formulation containing DMPG in combination with urea ammonium nitrate solution more than halved nitrous oxide equivalent emissions over a 36-day period.

Nitrous oxide has an impact 273 times that of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

“DMPG works by inhibiting nitrifying bacteria in the soil, slowing down the conversion of ammonium N to nitrate which is more prone to losses like denitrification and leaching,” said IPF Vice President, Agronomy & Innovation, Charlie Walker.

“Where nitrogen losses are minimised, there is the potential for growers to have a positive return on investment on the use of inhibitors such as DMPG. Alternatively, growers may be able to reduce nitrogen inputs under some circumstances.”

“eNpower is commercially available now and we are optimistic that we will have more technology in the future that will help growers reduce their GHG footprint.”

(eNpower is a proprietary nitrification inhibitor formulation made by IPF.)

Picture credit: WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

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