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Latrobe Magnesium presses ahead with MgO production

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Latrobe Magnesium (LMG) is pressing ahead with construction of facilities to extract magnesium products from brown coal fly ash at its facility in Victoria’s La Trobe Valley.

The company has modified the process flow sheet to allow for early production of magnesium oxide to bring forward revenues and allow time for the commissioning of furnace automation.

The focus is on installing the ash handling, spray roasting and magnesite areas of the plant, with the production of magnesium metal to follow later with a reduction furnace, automation and a vacuum system.

Rainstorm Dust Control has been appointed for the sale of the company’s MgO initially.

According to the company: “The advantage of this strategy is that it allows LMG to prove its patented hydromet process sooner.

“LMG’s primary intellectual property pertains to the extraction of magnesium from brown coal fly ash.

“This strategy will demonstrate LMG’s unique, world first hydromet process can be operated successfully and prove to all stakeholders the true value of LMG’s intellectual property.”

Latrobe Magnesium is talking to a number of investors as potential partners for its stage 3 expansion, which would create a 100,000tpa plant.

Non-binding MOUs with potential equity partners are expected to signed this year.

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Picture: Latrobe Magnesium/spray roaster steelwork installation

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