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Digital health venture fund established

A $100 million fund, Health Innovation Ventures, has been established in Adelaide to back new technologies, start-ups and establish healthcare businesses. The fund, headed by former IBM Health executive Dr Terry Sweeney will also partner with governments to solve health problems. The fund is backed by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and the Central Adelaide Local Health Network, and venture capital fund Artesian.

Noxopharm establishes company focused on septic shock

Drug development company Noxopharm has established a subsidiary to pursue treatment of septic shock, allowing the parent company to concentrate on commercialising its anti-cancer drug Veyonda. The new company, Pharmorage Pty Ltd has been established with Melbourne’s Hudson Institute of Medical Research and the Australian National University. It wil develop Noxopharm’s drug discovery and delivery platforms and Hudson’s expertise on stimulating interferon genes to interfere with the inflammatory process.

AMGC joins forces with Australian Made Campaign

The Australian Made Campaign has thrown its support behind the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre’s (AMGC) COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register. Australian businesses registered on the platform will be able to incorporate the green and gold kangaroo Australian brand into their AMGC COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register listings. The campaign exclusively licenses the use of the logo to Australian products.

Archer begins work on bio-sensor

Archer Materials has begun work to develop a ‘lab-on-chip’ biosensor to simplify disease detection. The company, which is also developing a quantum computing processor chip, is working with a German biotech company and fabricating its ‘A1 Biochip’ to replace earlier work on a graphene-based biosensor. The company developed a prototype sensor that incorporated printed circuit boards and other electronic systems.

Stealth Technologies joins with Planck in autonomous vehicles

Stealth Technologies has joined with US drone technology company Planck AeroSystems to develop capabilities in landing drones on Stealth’s autonomous vehicle platform. Planck’s focus is on vision systems while Stealth produces a range of autonomous vehicles for surveillance, military and security applications. The collaboration will focus on enabling Stealth’s ASV to launch and land drones even while in motion, increasing the surveillance capacity of the un-manned platform.

Images: Australian Made Campaign/AMGC

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