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Lithium Australia gains patent cover

Lithium Australia has been granted a patent by IP Australia covering its SiLeach process for recovering lithium from clays and mica. The SiLeach process produces lithium carbonate and lithium phosphate which can be used to produce lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) battery anodes. LFP batteries will power the Tesla 3 in China and elsewhere. The company is also commercialising its LieNa process for the recovery of lithium from low-grade spodumene ores.

Beerenberg exports random acts of flavour

Prestige food producer Beerenberg Family Farm has begun exporting its random acts of flavour range to the United States following an export deal with Central Market, a company with 350 stores. Beerenberg’s range designed specially for the US market will include spicy relishes, fruit chutneys and sweet-heat jams such as The Kicker, The Barbie and The Verde. Beerenberg exports to 26 countries and services major retail supermarket groups, hotels and airlines, as well as operating a farm shop and strawberry garden at Handorf in the Adelaide Hills.

Altech seeks patent cover for alumina battery coating

Altech Chemicals has lodged a patent application for its methods for coating anode active materials sich as silicon and gaphite with alumina. The coating acts as an artificial solid electrolyte interface which is expected to reduce lithium ion losses during charging and discharging, thus retarding battery degradation. The company has demonstrated its ability to apply nano-metre scale coating layers, with battery testing also carried out on alumina coated graphite.

Amplia in positive clinical trials

Amplia Therapeutics has announced positive clinical results for trials of its AMP945 drug candidate against cancer. The drug inhibits a protein that is over-expressed in cancer cells and fibrosis. A study in mice conducted by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research suggested AMP945 could increase survival rates in pancreatic cancer by 27 per cent. A Phase 2 clinical trial is now planned.

Magnis produces batteries in New York

Magnis Energy Technologies has produced the first lithium-ion battery cells from a factory it is constructing in New York. The first cells were produced using manual settings, a step to commissioning automated processes. Magnis also plans to manufacture fast-charge batteries at a plant in Townsville.

Picture: Lithium Australia/SiLeach pilot plant at ANSTO

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