Manufacturing will always be relevant, but shouldn’t be “all things to all people,” says minister

Federal industry minister Karen Andrews will meet with senior manufacturing industry leaders and others in Canberra today to discuss the future of the sector a decade from now.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the meeting will include representatives from Dow Chemical, BAE Systems and BlueScope, as well as business groups and the CSIRO.

“Australia will always be a manufacturing nation. What we need to do is look at the future of manufacturing is in Australia. Where are our strengths and where are our opportunities?” Andrews told the paper.

“We can’t continue to try and be all things to all people.”

According to Sky News, the agenda will include issues of technological change, workforce skills, and ways to increase productivity.

The meeting “has been long-planned” but comes shortly after the end of a 33-month growth streak in the Australian Industry Group PMI results.   

The minister added that she came with no preconceptions on what the future would hold, according to the report, but had been advised that space, 3D printing, and the food industry were possible areas of growth. 


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