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MASSLAM manufacturing expansion underway

Manufacturing News

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) has announced it is doubling production capacity of its MASSLAM glue-laminated (GLT) mass-timber column and beam system.

The family-owned company’s Heyfield, Victoria plant (pictured, below) is being expanded and new equipment added to boost throughput.

MASSLAM is designed and manufactured for assembly on site for domestic and large commercial buildings.

ASH Director Daniel White took to social media and said: “We are growing our production capacity in MASSLAM and launching a number of new and thrilling innovations.”

ASH operates six on-site manufacturing lines to add value to timber, from log to finished product.

These include moulding, laminating, finger-jointing, deep splitting, set length docking and mass-timber production.

New equipment being installed includes a world-first Hundegger Industry 450 K2i CNC machine (main picture).

The new machine took 16 hours to produce each of the 8.5 metre tall trees (pictured, below) that stand in the foyer of the Gippsland, Victoria performing arts centre.

“Manufacturing at ASH thrives from the perfect combination of innovation, technology and adaptiveness.”

Established for 30 years ASH is Australia’s largest hardwood manufacturer.

ASH manufactures more than 3,000 different profile offerings in timber product ranges including flooring, benchtops and panels, mass-timber members, mouldings and architraves, veneers, windows and doors, staircase components, cladding, DAR/sawn and external profiles.

Picture: Australian Sustainable Hardwoods/Heyfield factory/Gippsland, Victoria performing arts centre.

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