Media picks up on “reshoring” trend. More of this, please

A pleasing story from the ABC, featuring expert comments from forum members David Chuter and Ty Hermans.

It notes the nearly 100,000 new jobs added by manufacturing in the last two years, and the positive effects of the lower dollar.

David says that although the AUD is putting pressure on importers, and the full effects of this may be felt later, “I’m aware of businesses in Australia that are moving production back from China to Australia so they can actually then export to the USA from Australia”.

Ty recalls his company’s expansion from his original product in 2006, the Polyslab, to product development house and exporter to 130-plus countries.

As we’ve recently featured in the forum, Ty’s Evolve Group is in the middle of efforts to onshore a great deal of production, including injection moulded bottles from China.

As well as this, he tells the ABC he is bringing in work from the US.

“We’re seeing an influx of customers wanting to bring their manufacturing work back,” says Ty.

Hopefully there will be more positive stories to follow about what Australian firms are doing – including in reshoring – rather than just suffering through high power prices.

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