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Micro-X reveals details of its in-ambulance CT scanner – video

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Carbon fibre nanotube X-ray manufacturer Micro-X has released new video (below) and images of its lightweight in-ambulance CT scanner designed for early detection of stroke.

The imager, developed under an $8 million contract with the Australian Stroke Alliance, shows how the company’s miniaturised X-ray emitters could bring mobile stroke diagnosis to the patient to reduce the time to treatment.

Stored in the side of an ambulance, Micro-X’s Head CT can be easily opened and operated, sending images directly to stroke clinicians for diagnosis.

Due to begin human clinical trials late this year, the device weighs less than 70kg and contains 21 mini X-ray tubes that generate X-rays from an array of carbon fibre nanotubes.

The larger power needs and ‘hot cathode’ method of X-ray generation makes a conventional CT weigh more than 1,200kg with one X-ray tube mounted in a rotating gantry.

Micro-X Chief Executive Officer Kingsley Hall said: “What we are achieving at Micro-X is phenomenal.

“With stroke the second largest cause of death globally and numbers increasing, our ambition is for our technology to improve and save the lives of people around the world.

“In Australia, we aim to transform how stroke diagnosis and management occurs through truly mobile CT, democratising access to treatment whether patients are in urban, rural or remote communities.”

The Australian Stroke Alliance co-chair Professor Stephen Davis said he was very keen to see the Micro-X device make it to field trials later this year.

Professor Davis said: “If successful, we will be able to scan stroke patients at the scene of their stroke in what will be a world first, using a lightweight, portable brain scanning device.”

The development of Micro-X’s world-first mobile stroke technology is funded through $8 million of a $40 million grant awarded to the ASA under the federal government’s Medical Research Future Fund.

A second similar grant is backing EMVision Medical Devices development of a device that uses microwaves to scan for stroke.

contain 21 mini x-ray tubes

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Images: Micro-X

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