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Micro-X’s $1.5 million X-ray sale as sales rise

Manufacturing News

Carbon fibre nanotube X-ray equipment manufacturer Micro-X has sold $1.5 million worth of its Rover Mobile units to the federal government.

Micro-X will supply the machines, which add to a growing list of sales for the Rover, from existing inventory following final modification work.

The Adelaide company did not say what use the government would put the machines to, however they will presumably be trialled in the public health system or the Australian Defence Force.

Micro-X’s nanotechnology is a technological breakthrough in X-ray equipment, however sales have lagged expectations, even as the company took control of the international distribution of its systems.

The company had built up finished goods inventory, partly as a response to component shortages during the Covid-19 pandemic but also in anticipation of rising sales. These machines have now been converted into cash.

However the $1.5 million new sale adds to $1.3 million of mobile DR systems, including Rover Plus and Nano systems, during this quarter for a total of $2.8 million – a major increase on total FY23 sales of $3.8 million.

CEO Kingsley Hall said the order demonstrated the company’s system’s robustness and utility.

“With this order, our re-energised sales team has delivered a total of $2.8 million in sales and orders for Mobile DR units this quarter, which means we have progressed well in our previously announced strategy of increasing sales and converting our inventory to cash.”

The Rover Mobile DR is an ultra-lightweight X-ray unit providing high quality imaging, utilising Nano Electronic X-ray or NEX Technology which uses carbon nanotubes to generate X-rays without heat.

Picture: Micro-X

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