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Next stop bus manufacture for Queensland

Manufacturing News

The Queensland government aims to stimulate bus manufacturing in the state, committing an initial $134 million to build 200 buses as part of a new Queensland built bus fleet.

The sector, disappointed with a decision by Brisbane City Council to build its new Metro bus fleet overseas, is now set for a procurement process run by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The government hopes the plan will restore Queensland’s bus manufacturing sector, which has been subject to significant pressures due to low order volumes.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the announcement was an investment in Queenslanders and the future of its skilled manufacturing sector.

Palaszczuk said said: “We know that when we build here in Queensland, we are supporting local workers, local suppliers and the next generation of skilled bus builders.

“We make no apologies for backing Queensland workers – whether it’s trains or buses, they are built better when they’re built by Queenslanders.”

The government did not name any preferred tenderers for the contract, however Volgren and BusTech are among local manufacturers likely to line up to build the new bus fleet.

The government said the investment would support hundreds of local jobs, and provide fully accessible buses to ensure all Queenslanders have access to public transport, including people in a wheelchair, and people travelling with luggage or prams.

The buses will be owned by the state and operated by Transport and Main Roads, and will be available to transport rail passengers during periods of disruption or planned track maintenance.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey said: “The procurement will specify that the first buses delivered will meet Euro-Six emissions standards, which run with 83 per cent fewer emissions than current diesel buses on our network.

“At least a quarter of the buses delivered as part of this procurement will be Zero Emissions Buses which will support the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment that all new buses towards a zero emissions fleet.”

Picture: BusTech is one group manufacturing buses in Queensland

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