Osteopore reaches dental implant development milestones


Australian-Singaporean bioresorbable implants manufacturer Osteopore has reached key milestones in its development of 3D printed bioresorbable dental implants to aid bone healing and boost the success of tooth implant surgeries.

The company is developing the implants in an $18.7 million programme with the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

The company, which sells its Osteoplug and Osteomesh bioresorbable implants which encourage bone regeneration, had set goals of combining patented biological additives and polymer compounds to test for adverse reactions, osteogenic differentiation to indicate bone growth, and higher osteogenic differentiation to demonstrate faster bone growth, according to an announcement.

“The company is pleased to announce the successful development of a 3D-printed technology, which can combine patented biological additives and polymer compounds for dental implants that have the potential to accelerate bone healing.

“Adverse reaction testing demonstrated that the successful combination of patented biological additives and polymer compounds was non-cytotoxic, showing no adverse reactions and good biocompatibility.

“Moreover, osteogenic differentiation testing showed enhanced viability and osteogenic differentiation capabilities, indicating both osteogenic differentiation and higher osteogenic differentiation.”

Osteopore told investors that the next-generation dental implant project was now set to progress towards in vivo studies in biological models.

CEO Dr Yujing Lim said: “We are excited by the outcomes of this project so far and appreciate the support of our partners at A*STAR and NDCS.

“We are delighted with the dedication of our partners towards ensuring that project milestones are met.

“While we continue to prioritise our objective of commercialising our current products, we are looking forward to working on new technologies – such as the next-generation jaw implant which supports our long-term vision of becoming the global leader in regenerative medicine.”

Picture: Osteopore/Osteomesh in conjunction with tooth implant

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