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QPM produces on-spec nickel sulfate in pilot testwork

Manufacturing News

Battery materials maker Queensland Pacific Metals has reported success in pilot production of nickel sulfate at the facilities of SGS Canada, producing over 10 kilograms of nickel sulfate meeting specifications required by the binding offtake agreements of its partners, Posco, General Motors, and LG Energy Solutions.

QPM has been undertaking pilot-scale testwork with SGS since May, ahead of development of its 100 per cent-owned Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub (TECH) Project, about 45 kilometres south of Townsville. 

The aim is to produce battery-grade nickel sulfate and cobalt sulfate using the proprietary DNi process (owned by Altilium Group) at TECH from high-grade laterite ore mined in New Caledonia.

“Nickel Sulfate is the main product being produced at the TECH Project,” said Managing Director and CEO Dr Stephen Grocott in a statement on Tuesday. 

“Production of on-spec material through our pilot testwork is a significant achievement and will greatly assist in our financing endeavours.”

The next phase of pilot testwork is to involve on-spec production of cobalt sulfate.

QPM was awarded $5 million over three years in May under the federal Critical Minerals Development Program, “to engineer and design the first phase of a full-scale refinery” at TECH.

According to QPM’s website, TECH has a nameplate production “of 16kt nickel metal contained in nickel sulfate and 1.75kt cobalt metal contained in cobalt sulfate.”

Picture: credit Department of Industry, Science and Resources

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