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Queensland’s Battery Industry Strategy aims to lead nation

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The Queensland government has released an ambitious $570 million Queensland Battery Industry Strategy aiming to spur nation leading investment in renewable energy to create clean economy jobs.

The strategy supports battery industry innovation, commercialisation, investment, supply-chain growth, and will promote Queensland nationally and internationally, according to a statement.

It estimates that Queensland’s battery industry could contribute up to $1.3 billion to economy and generate 9,100 clean economy jobs by 2030.

Queensland Premier Steven Miles (pictured) said demand for batteries would increase 10-fold as the world moves towards net zero.

Miles said: “The Queensland Battery Industry Strategy establishes Queensland as a global leader in the flow batteries needed to store renewable energy and advanced battery technologies.

“We have already made great progress in building out our battery industry supply chain, with substantial investment in battery projects right across the state including the Queensland Energy Storage and Technology Hub facility at Banyo, Alpha HPA in Gladstone and Vecco in Townsville.”

The $570 million package includes new funding of $210 million to build capabilities across the value chain, drive development of battery standards, and testing.

It also provides the state’s funding contribution to the Australian Battery Industrialisation Centre that will be further developed in partnership with the Australian government and a consortium of Queensland universities.

New and existing industry support is allocated across three key themes:

  • $275 million to support industry to innovate and commercialise battery technologies, including $105 million in state funding to plan and establish the Australian Battery Industrialisation Centre
  • $92.2 million to drive battery investment and supply chain growth, including an $80 million industry grant programme
  • And $202.5 million to promote and position Queensland as the preferred supplier of advanced materials and batteries to domestic and international markets, including $5m to establish Batteries Queensland.

Picture: Steven Miles

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