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RME celebrates 40 years of mill mining equipment

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Mine mill relining systems original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Russell Mineral Equipment has launched a global campaign celebrating the company’s upcoming 40-year anniversary.

RME Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Engineer Dr John Russell said in a statement that the anniversary was as an opportunity to express his gratitude for the colleagues, customers and suppliers who helped make RME ‘the world’s most trusted OEM manufacturer of mill relining technologies’.

Dr Russell said: “Since 1985, RME has innovated mill relining technologies and services with an unwavering commitment to improving the safety and productivity of our customers’ operations and the safety and development of our people.

“We are also proud of the local jobs we have created, our contribution to Australia’s sovereign industrial capabilities, and our efforts to better the communities in which we operate.

“It has taken 40 years of persistent innovation and enduring commitment from an exceptionally talented team at RME, forward-thinking Customers and reliable suppliers.”

The company launched the ’40 Years of Innovation | We are RME’ year-long campaign to showcase RME’s engineering innovations and the impact they have had on safety and productivity.

By automating the replacement process for mine mill linings, the company’s AutoMotion Mill Relining Machine (MRM, below) has sped up the mill relining process and reduced the danger to staff who previously had to work inside the confined space of a mill.

To mark the launch of the campaign, RME is releasing a new ‘We are RME’ film.

RME Non-Executive Director Dr Peter Rubie said: “Whether it’s our 400kg RUSSELL Mill Liner Handlers or 10 tonne capacity RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines, our durable technology solutions are built to last with 90 percent of those we’ve manufactured in the past 40 years still in operation.

“With safety continuing to drive the evolution of our advanced technologies, we can now perform liner exchange with zero personnel inside the mill.”

Dr Russell said that RME’s liner exchange machines were electro-hydraulically powered, and unlike fossil fuel-driven mining equipment, are ready for sustainable energy sources without requiring power system modifications.

Dr Russell founded RME in 1985 in Toowoomba, Queensland, setting out to mechanise the mill relining process to improve safety, shorten reline times and increase mine site profitability.

RME has grown to support customers in 64 countries, with 13 International Sales and Service Centres, employing more than 450 people worldwide.

Today, there are more than 440 mine sites across the world served by RME’s equipment and

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Picture: Russell Mineral Equipment staff/AutoMotion Mill Relining Machine (MRM)

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