Rovers on a roll for Australian Made Week

Lunar rover prototypes built by the ELO2 Consortium – led by EPE and Lunar Outpost Oceania – are on a tour of the nation, following the March unveiling in Adelaide of three vehicles built by the team.

ELO2 is one of two teams vying to build the nation’s first lunar rover, along with the AROSE consortium, under Stage 1 of the Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars Initiative.

The prototype ELO2 rovers have been officially accredited with Australian Made certification, and are currently featuring as part of Australian Made Week celebrations.

“Australian Made Week is a perfect opportunity to showcase the ingenuity, tradecraft, and cutting-edge technology that our local industries offer. It’s not just about celebrating the products; it’s about recognising the skill and dedication that go into producing them,” Joseph Kenrick, Program Manager at Lunar Outpost Oceania, in a statement. 

“Supporting Australian-made products – even space robots that we can send to the Moon – ensures that we maintain control over quality, invest in our communities, and secure a robust future for Australian industries and the Australian supply chain.”

This month the rovers visited EPE’s MILTECS test facility in Brisbane, Lone Pine Wildlife Sanctuary (pictured), and St Joseph’s Primary School at Kangaroo Point.

Australian Made Chief Executive Ben Lazzaro added that Australian Made Week is a time to celebrate everything made here “from products you buy on your weekly shop, to the incredible creations happening in robotics. 

“Aussie products are made to some of the highest standards in the world, are trusted, and are known for their safety and quality.”

Later in May the rovers will visit Sydney for public engagement events at schools and public landmarks, then head back to Melbourne for further development.

If successful in winning Stage 2 of the Trailblazer, an ELO2 rover will be christened “Roo-ver”, and then head to the moon as the nation’s first ever lunar rover.

Picture: Pluto the roo and an emu taking a closer look at ELO2 Aussie Made rover at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (supplied)

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