SAP – Transforming manufacturing at Lion



Small and medium sized companies have a lot to learn from global leaders such as Lion Australia when it comes to end to end connectivity of data across the production and logistics chain.

Beverage producer Lion is coming to the close of a four-year installation of business process software from SAP that has replaced multiple systems with a single digital data chain that spans the entire business.

An upcoming webinar, hosted by SAP’s digital supply chain CoE Adam Peanna, discusses the benefits to quality and operator efficiency and satisfaction from their use of a single integrated data system across Lion’s $2.4 billion a year business.

Lion manufacturing integration lead Neil Schiff explains the greater drive towards automation: “In this day and age how do you disengage your team? You ask them to do the same things twice”

The webinar – ‘Transforming the Food and Beverage Industry from Design to Consume’ – goes live on Thursday 15 July

Schiff says: “We have actually walked the talk; we have made this integration happen.”

Picture: Lion Australia

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