Sicona working to develop silicon battery anodes


Sydney technology developer Sicona Battery Technologies is to further develop its a lithium-ion battery binders in partnership with a global chemicals group.

The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to further develop the binders which glue together the active material and conductive agent with the copper current collector of an anode-electrode.

Sicona said the ‘huge volumetric change’ of silicon upon charging and discharging is a major impediment to the deployment of silicon anodes in place of current graphite-based anodes.

According to the company: “Compared to current single-function polymer binders, Sicona’s multi-functional “LSCR” polymer binder has synergistic advantages.

“It has a three-dimensional network structure, improved conductivity, good mechanical stretchability, and spontaneous self-healing capabilities.”

Under the terms of the MOU the parties will conduct external validation testwork in full lithium-ion battery cells

Sicona CEO, Christiaan Jordaan said: “We are excited to be able to leverage our partners extensive technical knowledge regarding the production of polymers, polymer precursors, supply chains and large-scale global production of chemicals and associated products.”

Sicona did not reveal the name of its new partner, but said it was headquartered outside China.

Sicona is setting up a Pilot Production Plant in Wollongong, NSW in order to scale its production process and to produce sufficient materials for battery cell customer product qualification.

Picture: Sicona

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