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Space Machines completes space craft hardware integration

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The assembly and integration of all hardware on the largest spacecraft ever manufactured in Australia has been completed at the Space Machines Company headquarters in Botany, NSW.

SMC’s Optimus OTV is destined for a 2023 mission that will demonstrate the 270 kg Optimus OTV’s ability to deliver in-space logistics services and will deploy solutions for foundation customers.

With more than 6,000 active and inactive satellites in orbit, there will increasingly be a need for infrastructure and logistics services to support and manage exponential growth in satellites and debris, according to the company.

The company took to social media and said its ‘team has overcome a number of significant mechanical and electrical challenges to get the spacecraft to this point.

“Fun fact: Optimus now has over 600 meters of wiring throughout its structure, enabling power and communications to all sub-systems.”

SMC said the space craft’s journey to orbit wasn’t over yet.

“Optimus has a gruelling six weeks ahead of environmental testing that will push the physical limits of what the spacecraft is expected to endure during launch and in orbit.”

The Optimus OTV space craft will carry the Esper Satellite Imagery ‘Over The Rainbow’ hyperspectral imager, the Spiral Blue ‘Space Edge’ computer, the HEO’Holmes’ imager as well as payloads from Sperospace ANT61 and Dandelions.

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