Stealth Technologies adds sensors to robot security vehicle

Stealth Technologies is to develop a new ‘sensor stack’ to add to the autonomous robotic security vehicle (pictured) it is developing with Honeywell.

The company, owned by listed business Strategic Elements, is developing the systems to make its robot more intuitive and responsive to the environment.

As the company told investors the vehicle will be ‘more human-like in the way they can perceive their surroundings.

“The sensor fusion stack is designed to equip the ASV with more advanced sensory capabilities than human security guards, significantly enhancing the patrol and surveillance functionality of the company’s autonomous security vehicle.”

Stealth’s ASV has obvious defence uses and potential, however the initial product under development is a surveillance system for the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison in Western Australia.

The new sensor stack combines cameras, LiDAR, radar, GPS, sonar and thermal imaging.

“Sensor fusion is an important upgrade to the design of autonomous systems and requires a complex assortment of sensors and the real-time software to enable local processing of raw sensor data.”

Stealth said the new system would be able to not only detect humans, but interpret why they may be there and what they are doing.

“It can enable environmental information to drive robot behaviour.”

Picture: Stealth Technologies

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