Suba Engineering ships first laser marker

Sydney’s Suba Engineering has taken another step in its journey from importer to fully fledged product developer and manufacturer with the delivery of its first SubaLaser industrial marker.

Suba’s owner Heinz Zimmerman showed off the locally developed marker at his Melbourne office this week (pictured).

Zimmerman said: “We showed our SubaLaser marker prototype just over one year ago, the final version just over one month ago, and this week we shipped the first SubaLaser marker to a customer.”

The company is proud it is no longer just an agent but is bringing more to the table, with benefits to customers.

“We buy a German laser, we buy Asian made controls and the rest is made in Melbourne either by our partners or in-house at Suba.

“It is nice to see the believe customers have and show in our locally designed machinery, using local partners, using our 3D printers and our Suba staff.

“We keep jobs locally and have local know-how within the team.”

Suba has been very active in product development recently, also upgradign its SubaScope digital microscope used for inspection in electronics manufacturing, as reported in @AuManufacturing news.

Suba has exported more then a third of its Melbourne factory rpoduction to the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam.

Zimmerman said: “And, yes even China is buying Australian made production solutions.

“It is a proud moment.”

Picture: Suba Engineering

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