Ten Carbon Chemistry seeks crowd funding


Ten Carbon Chemistry, the manufacturer of the Doxall brand of a new type of chemical sanitisers is on a roll.

In September, Doxall received the InClean Award for Excellence in Innovation at the ISSA Cleaning and Hygiene Expo in Sydney. Doxall is one of the brands of Ten Carbon Chemistry’s lead compound GS-2, which is manufactured in Melbourne.

Executive Chairman, Dr Tony Peacock said: “The award has sparked real interest and we have immediately begun discussions for a number of white label opportunities.

“The international interest has been substantial, which is pleasing that the intellectual property is getting the attention we think it deserves.”

In October, Ten Carbon Chemistry is featured at two international events: the Animal Agritech Summit in Amsterdam, Holland and the Global Fresh Produce and Floral Show in Orlando, Florida.

Antimicrobials are used extensively in agriculture and food production and processing.

Ten Carbon Chemistry is seeking to expand on its success in the waste and recycling sector with its Nano Kill product which has been used to reduce bacterial growth – and therefore the smell – generated in crushed glass for recycling.

Peacock said: “We are trying to work with potential clients to find solutions to their contamination and spoilage issue.

“There are two major advantages we have – our GS-2 product is made up of common food ingredients and it stays active after application.

“These features are getting attention when users are facing both antimicrobial resistance and the growing concern about some current chemicals.”

The massive increase in the use of santisers due to the global pandemic has brought them under increased scrutiny, including the chemical class of quaternary ammonium compounds, or Quats.

“Recent research shows that we can measure Quats in household dust, in many people’s bloodstream and, most worrying, of 48 nursing mothers tested in Seattle, every one of them had at least one Quat in their breast milk. Half of them had seven or more Quats.

“We feel we are at the front of the pack in finding alternatives to Quats.”

On the back of the international attention, Ten Carbon Chemistry is seeking interest in investment in
the company through the OnMarket Crowdsourcing platform.

The Seed funding round is expected to be completed by Christmas, giving the company the capital to take on new opportunities.

Picture: Ten Carbon Chemistry

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