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Thycon to build 40 pole-mounted batteries for demand management project

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Power conversion specialist Thycon is involved in an Australian Renewable Energy Agency-backed “virtual power plant” trial, providing 40 pole-mounted batteries for a trial to better integrate solar energy into the electricity system.

According to a statement from ARENA on Friday, the $10.98 million project, led by United Energy, will see the 30 kilowatt/66 kilowatt hour batteries installed at strategic locations across the distribution network in Eastern Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

The network of batteries would reduce stress on distribution transformers during peak demand periods, as well as “regulate voltage and increase the hosting capacity of solar PV in the local grid, providing benefits to all customers.”

“As more and more renewable generation comes online, it’s crucial to address the challenges of a changing energy mix and build the grid of the future,” said ARENA CEO Darren Miller in a statement.

“We’re excited to see United Energy trial a novel approach to battery storage that provides benefits to current and future solar customers and reduces network costs, while also increasing the level of dispatchable generation in the power system.”

ARENA is contributing $4 million to the project, which follows a pilot project led by United Energy, which installed two pole-mounted battery units last year at Black Rock and Highett.

According to its website, Coburg, Melbourne’s Thycon was established in 1968 and specialises in power conversion products. It has made the rankings in The Australian Financial Review’s Most Innovative Companies list, including a #17 ranking in 2016 for its “INNOVATION 1 Airfield Lighting Regulator for Commercial & Defence Airports” project.

Picture: ARENA

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