Titomic adds “two giants of the cold spray industry” to management

Cold spray additive manufacturing company Titomic has announced two new senior management appointments, with Bruce Colter to begin as General Manager – Titomic USA, and Neil Matthews as Head of Business Development – Repairs, beginning May 2.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Titomic’s Managing Director Herbert Koeck,described the pair as “two giants of the Cold Spray Industry” who would “will assist us in continuing to scale the business in… key markets and segments and we are thrilled to have them on board”

Cold spray uses compressed air to blast metal powders through a nozzle at supersonic speeds, fusing them together on a surface to form near-net shapes.

ASX-listed Titomic and privately-held SPEE3D are the two best-known Australian-based entities developing and using this variety of additive manufacturing.

Matthews has 18 years experience in cold spray, the release notes, and joins Titomic via Head of Research and Technology and Technical Lead for Additive Metal Technologies at RUAG.

Colter will be running Titomic’s North American business out of Michigan, and was recently at SPEE3D America. He is described as having “25 years of experience in the Digital Manufacturing Sector including Cold Spray Manufacturing.”

Picture: Titomic

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