Spee3D achieves another US export


SPEE3D has achieved another export, with Colorado’s Elementum 3D acquiring a WarpSpee3D printer made by the Australian company.

Elementum 3D is an additive manufacturing R&D firm, described as specialising in “the creation of advanced metals, composites, and ceramics” with customers including in defence, mining, oil and gas, aerospace and automotive sectors.

SPEE3D makes robotically-controlled printers based on the “cold spray” process, using compressed air to blast metal powders through a nozzle at supersonic speeds, with metal fusing together on a surface to form near-net shapes.

“Developing and applying Elementum 3D materials to SPEE3D’s cold spray printers is a major step forward towards our goal to offer customers a comprehensive range of AM solutions,” said its CEO Dr Jacob Nuechterlein in a statement.

“SPEE3D is honoured to be involved in Elementum 3D’s advanced materials research and development. SPEE3D’s cold spray fabrication technology provides a significantly increased scope for advanced materials development as the material is not melted during the print process,”  said Steven Camilleri, CTO of SPEE3D. 

“With our WarpSPEE3D technology, we look forward to how Elementum 3D spearheads material enhancement in cold spray processes for the future 3D printing market.”

The news follows an announcement last month of a LightSpee3D printer being installed at Penn State University’s Applied Research Laboratory in the United States.

The WarpSpee3D printer is the larger of two offered by the company. It has capacity to make up to 30 tonnes of metal parts annually.

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