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Tivan partners with CSIRO on critical minerals processing technology

Manufacturing News

Tivan has secured a commercial and strategic partnership with CSIRO to develop minerals processing technology for the recovery of vanadium.

Tivan said the agreement will help to ‘reshore’ the technology into Australia.

The agreement includes a Technology Licence Agreement that grants Tivan an exclusive 20-year, worldwide licence – except for India – for use of CSIRO’s critical minerals processing IP to recover vanadium.

Vanadium can be used to make steel alloys, helping to strengthen metals, as well as in the manufacture of electric vehicles.

CSIRO chief executive Dr Dough Hilton said this partnership will help boost Australia’s renewable energy manufacturing capabilities.

“This is a really important partnership that will see the development and commercialisation of cutting-edge, CSIRO-patented technology increasing used in the production of renewable energy storage systems,” Dr Hilton said.

“The technology is a vital piece int eh puzzle in Australia’s renewable energy future and it will deliver long term community benefit, boosting the economy and supporting more jobs and opportunities for Australians.

“This is important, innovative, inventive work, creating new sovereign capability that harnesses the critical technologies Australia needs to transition to net zero.”

Tivan chairman Grant Wilson added that this partnership aligns CSIRO and the company together for decades.

“We are delighted to have achieved this outcome, reflecting as it does, the reshoring of a critical technology, and the opportunity to meaningfully advance the energy transition through sovereign capabilities,” Wilson said.

“I am confident that our partnership will endure, and will come to exemplify how research and industry can work together on mission-driven science that addresses Australia’s greatest challenges.”

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