Tritium in deal to install big EV fast charge network

Electric vehicle (EV) fast charger manufacturer Tritium has signed a deal that will see the European IONITY group install the world’s biggest DC fast- vehicle charger network.

The deal, the second the Brisbane company has made with IONITY, will see its Veefil-PK 350kW fast chargers installed in 120 charging stations across Europe. Charging takes about 10 minutes.

In what is Tritium’s largest-ever contract, four to six chargers will be installed in at sites across 23 countries, as part of IONITY’s roll out of 400 sites.

Tritium CEO David Finn said: “These chargers will soon be ubiquitous along the highways of Europe and ensure that the increasing number of EV owners across the continent will be able to drive whenever and wherever they want.

“The sheer number of these chargers will all but eliminate range anxiety while enabling energy freedom and announces to the world that EVs are here to stay.”

Tritium is now the largest supplier of chargers to IONITY, which is a joint venture of BMW, Daimler, Ford Motor and Volkswagen.

As reported in @AuManufacturing, Tritium recently opened a new R&D centre in Brisbane to keep up with global demand.

Picture: Tritium

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