Turquoise Group produces hydrogen from methane


Turquoise Group has successfully produced hydrogen and graphene powder from methane or natural gas at its commercial demonstration plant (pictured) at Darra, Brisbane.

The announcement, from Pure Hydrogen Corporation which owns 40 percent of Turquoise, said that the company’s CDP has used its proprietary methane plasma pyrolysis technology to break down methane (CH4) into its constituent elements – carbon in the form of graphene powder and hydrogen.

Pure hydrogen said the process operated ‘without direct carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide emissions’.

The company has rights to purchase hydrogen produced by Turquoise, which is known as turquoise hydrogen in light of its feedstock rather than green hydrogen produced using electrolysis.

Pure Hydrogen CEO Scott Brown said: “The results are a step closer in the commercialisation of this promising technology which will enhance Turquoise Group’s prospects and importantly for Pure, provide a fantastic low cost and plentiful hydrogen supply option while being emissions free.”

Pure Hydrogen said graphene had used in strengthening concrete, batteries, electrical equipment and as a potential evolution for silicon chips.

Meanwhile the process provided ‘a sustainable and responsible alternative for the commercialisation of methane natural gas’.

Turquoise CEO Samuel Taubert said the company was now moving to the next phase of testing leading to the manufacture of graphene at scale utilising its process.

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Picture: Pure Hydrogen/Turquoise commercial demonstration plant, Brisbane

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