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Brisbane company takes delivery of equipment to produce “turquoise hydrogen” and graphene

Manufacturing News

ASX-listed energy company Pure Hydrogen Corporation has confirmed that Turquoise Group has taken receipt of key production equipment from its development partner for a “turquoise hydrogen” commercial demonstration plant at Brisbane.  

Pure Hydrogen holds a strategic, 40 per cent stake in Turquoise Group, which is developing its plant in collaboration with French technology startup Plenesys.

Among its products, Plenesys has developed the “HyPlasma” methane pyrolysis process, which converts methane gas into turquoise hydrogen and solid carbon products, which can then be processed into graphene.  

According to a statement from Pure Hydrogen, the approach is “highly energy efficient, water-free, and without direct CO or CO2 emissions.” 

Turquoise Group will now proceed with construction and commissioning of the plant, with completion scheduled for Q1 2024. 

Turquoise Group CEO and Managing Director, Sam Taubert, said, “A six-month intensive test program will then follow, focusing on optimising hydrogen production and exploring the full potential of our graphene production capabilities,” said Taubert. 

“This technology will be pivotal in providing low-emission hydrogen and graphene production, while contributing to global decarbonisation efforts. Looking forward to 2024, subject to a successful  testing phase, we anticipate numerous commercial opportunities that will reinforce the viability of this groundbreaking technology.” 

Image: Credit Plenesys

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