UNSW experts join biofilm removal R&D partnership

A four-year collaborative R&D project led by Whiteley Corporation has been joined by University of NSW, which will develop and manufacture additives for use in wound care.
The project on biofilm infection treatments is budgeted at over $5 million, began in 2018, and involves Whiteley, the University of Sydney, and the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre.
UNSW’s contribution will involve helping develop and produce new anti-biofilm peptide compounds, which will be incorporated into formulations developed by University of Sydney and “that can be used as treatments for wounds and cystic fibrosis.”
Chairman Dr Greg Whiteley said in a statement that the extra academic input from the UNSW researchers, led by Professor Mark Wilcox, would be, “Building on the early findings by Associate Professor Jim Manos and his team at the University of Sydney’s School of Medical Sciences and Charles Perkins Centre.
“With UNSW’s expertise in the development of novel antimicrobials used in disinfectants, we are accelerating our development efforts to bring new biofilm removal solutions faster to market.”

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