UoW project aims to develop better bipolar plates for hydrogen fuel cells


A University of Wollongong project has been awarded a $565,193 grant to develop a new manufacturing process for a component in hydrogen fuel cells.

Last week the Australian Research Council awarded the UoW’s Distinguished Professor Zheng Jiang and Dr Hui Wu funding for the project through the Linkage Project Scheme Round 2. 

The three-year project will see them work with industry partners Baosteel and SNS Unicorp on a new austenitic stainless steel bipolar plate for hydrogen fuel cells.

These plates are described in a statement from the university as conventionally made of steel or graphite and helping to manage the flow of electrical charges to the fuel cell.

The project focusses on development of “a green, efficient, and cost-effective manufacturing process” for the bipolar plates, aiming to solve enduring issues in traditional materials, such as brittleness, cost, and corrosion.

“The project will lead to a breakthrough in steelmaking by significantly reducing industrial pollution and operation costs and enhancing the overall performance of Hydrogen Fuel Cells,” said Jiang in a statement on Tuesday.

“Research like this, undertaken with industry partners, will be essential in developing clean energy in Australia and helping to achieve the goal of cutting carbon emissions.”

Picture: credit UoW

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