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VAILO launches new PC amber luminaire

Manufacturing News

LED lighting manufacturer VAILO has announced the official launch of the PC amber variant of its Zenith Gen-V flagship luminaire.

According to a fact sheet from the company, white LEDs “pose significant challenges in wildlife sensitive areas due to their blue-rich spectrum.”

Phosphor Converted Amber LEDs “offer a promising solution by providing a spectrum closer to natural light, but with the elimination of the blue light component.” 

VAILO founder and CEO Aaron Hickmann said the company was excited about the product’s launch.

“As a proud Australian company manufacturing locally, we are always looking at new ways to develop our products for the Australian lifestyle,” Hickmann said in a statement on Thursday.  

“The Zenith Gen-V PC Amber is a high-performance floodlight suitable for sports fields, roads and tunnels, mining areas, airports and more. We look forward to seeing it installed across the country.” 

According to VAILO, its new luminaire “retains the advantageous features of [its] Zenith Gen-V, including internally-wired components resistant to cockatoo interference, a tempered glass lens with  UV protection and an IK09 impact rating, specialised optics, a lightweight design and a  powder-coated finish.” 

The PC light is 1,000 watts rather than 1,500 for the Gen-V, which began production in 2022.

VAILO was on this title’s Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers list for 2023.

It changed its name from VALO last year. 

Picture: credit VAILO

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