Vaulta to use graphene in new battery casing


Brisbane start-up Vaulta will utilise graphene in a new lithium-ion battery casing it is developing following a successful capital raising.

The company, which is commercialising a simpler method for manufacturing the casings, has raised $320,000 from ACAC Innovation, Artesian and Brisbane angel investors.

One of its first actions was to hire four new staff, including ex-Tesla engineer Alan Zorkot, as it prepares to trial its methodology which reduces the number of parts in the casing by up to 75 per cent.

Energy storage company RedEarth is also part of the trial as a pilot customer to test the new design.

Vaulta founder Dominic Spooner said the company had developed its own composites that included graphene, leading to a battery casing that is 10 per cent lighter but does not sacrifice strength or safety.

Spooner said: “Our design eliminates cell tab welding and enhances the passive cooling of the battery cell terminals, which we predict will allow for better re-use.

“This means these batteries could have a second life in smaller electric vehicles like scooters and skateboards.”

Picture: Vaulta

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