Victorian government releases new Advanced Air Mobility statement

The Victorian government has released its Advanced Air Mobility Industry Vision Statement, outlining the potential of the electric aviation sector and its plans to consult with businesses, community and the federal government on legislation.

AAM concerns emerging aviation technologies, including electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL) and other automated aircraft.

The statement considers opportunities in logistics, emergency services, manufacturing, and other sectors. (It can be accessed here.)

It notes that the state has existing aerospace strengths, including “advanced composite materials and production, component design, testing and certification, simulation and modelling, software development, platform support and systems engineering.” 

“Advanced Air Mobility has the potential to provide major benefits in the form of jobs and secure supply chains, and the work we are doing now is crucial to how the sector will ultimately look,” said state economic development minister Tim Pallas on Tuesday. 

“AAM complements our investments in hydrogen and battery technology and broadening the state’s skill base.”

Consultation with industry and the community regarding AAM regulations, planning and safeguards is planned to begin in 2023.


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