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WA streamlines approval process for green energy projects

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The Western Australian government has streamlined the approvals process for green energy projects, with a new pathway for environmental assessments set to reduce project approval timeframes.

The $22.5 million commitment announced last year will overhaul the State’s approach to environmental approvals while delivering coordinated, cross-government support for proponents and investors.

The Green Energy Approvals Initiative is aimed at investment in wind and solar power generators, renewable hydrogen industries, lithium mining, critical minerals processing as well as manufacturing green energy products such as batteries, electrolysers, solar panels and wind turbines.

More than 40 green energy projects are currently being assessed or regulated by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation with a further 30-plus proposals expected to be referred for assessment over the next 12 months.

A significant number of these projects will be targeted by the new initiative in the coming weeks to allow processes to be trialled and optimised.

Premier Roger Cook said: “This new, streamlined approvals pathway will ensure Western Australia continues to be a destination of choice for renewable industry investors.

“The whole-of-government Green Energy Approvals Initiative will drive the green industries boom in WA, supporting local jobs and a strong economy into the future.

“It will draw new investment and improve our renewable energy credentials while ensuring the environment is protected for future generations.”

Renewable hydrogen proposals make up the largest number of green energy projects in the assessment pipeline. Wind energy, lithium mining and critical minerals processing proposals also represent a significant portion.

A Green Energy Major Projects Group is being established within the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation as a first point of contact to help steer projects and investors through government processes.

The creation of a Green Energy Expert Panel comprising of government and industry will provide the independent Environmental Protection Authority with the information needed to progress approvals in a timely manner.

Picture: Roger Cook, Western Australian Premier and Minister for Industry Development

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