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XTEK delivers composites for Finnish military

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Advanced composites manufacturer XTEK has completed the delivery of the first tranche of personal armour plates under contract to CPE Production OY in Finland, for use by the Finnish Defence Force (FDF).

The ballistic plates, produced using the company’s XTclave production system, represent the delivery of one third of a $2 million order with the Finnish company.

XTEK is on track to complete the final tranche of the contract in the first quarter of 2021, and in a strong position to secure further orders underpinned by the validation and endorsement of the FDF.

XTEK managing director Philippe Odouard said: “The successful delivery provides further validation of the technical capabilities and consistency of our unique products.

“XTEK is in a strong position to continue executing on its international ballistics strategy and achieve further orders globally, with discussions with potential customers and strategic parties ongoing.”

XTEK recently installed commercial scale preform presses needed for the XTclave composite materials curing process as well as automated 3D cutting and painting capabilities at its Adelaide factory.

The the company produces a range of bop
dy armour, ballistic plate and composite helmets capable of stopping an AK-47 bullet at short range.

Pictures: XTEK

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