Zip Water introduces new tap dispensing water five ways

Filtered and boiling water appliance manufacturer Zip Water has continued to innovate introducing a unique All-In-One tap to add to its product range.

The new tap, manufacturied at Zip’s Sydney factory, offers five types of water delivery – filtered boiling, chilled, and sparkling water, alongside unfiltered hot and cold water.

And this all comes from a single sleek faucet and pull out sprayer.

Zip Water’s Managing Director ANZ Mike Abbott said: “We’re determined to play our part to ensure a more sustainable planet – whether that’s by helping people use less single-use plastic, providing safer, clearer drinking water, reducing climate change, or increasing and celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

The company’s new HydroTap Celsius Plus All-In-One Pull-Out is billed as a groundbreaking advancement in kitchen technology that exemplifies exceptional engineering.

“With seven modern finishes to complement any kitchen interior, this new range marks a significant leap forward in convenience, functionality, and design, setting a new standard for kitchen technology.”

The new product also confirms Zip Water as a key unit in a major international water business following the merger of water products groups Culligan and Waterlogic.

The Sydney manufacturer pioneered the development of hot, cold and sparkling underbench water units and continues to innovate and manufacture in Sydney under overseas ownership.

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Picture: Mike Abbott

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