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AML3D expands focus on US defence customers

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Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing company AML3D has reaffirmed its focus on servicing the US defence industry, just as the company is about to significantly deepen its involvement in the market.

The company, which is close to dispatching a $1 million Arcemy 3D printer (pictured) to the US, said it had established and was working to expand the AML3D sales team based in the US.

AML3D Chief Executive Officer Ryan Millar said: “AML3D has a very clear focus on our OEM supplier strategy – scaling up our presence in the US Defence sector by supporting the US Navy submarine industrial base, in the first instance.

“We are making the final preparations to ship a large scale ARCEMY X-Edition 6700 system to Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, a key partner to the US Navy and other global Tier 1 clients.

“From a standing start, in January of this year, we have developed a robust and growing early-stage US sales pipeline and are strengthening our understanding of how to convert these pipeline opportunities into contracts like the Oak Ridge ARCEMY deal.”

Millar said the company was in active negotiations around several additional OEM sales into the US Defence sector.

The order for the ARCEMY X to be installed at Oak Ridge in June was placed by BlueForge Alliance, a US Department of Defence intermediary.

BlueForge Alliance also signed an alloy characterisation and testing contract to demonstrate ARCEMY X 3D metal printed components meet the standards required for the US Navy submarine programme.

The alloy characterisation phase of this contract has been completed and the alloys for the US Navy are now ready to move into the testing phase.

It other developments AML3D announced:

  • Oil and gas sector customer Chevron Australia had completed a site visit to the company’s Adelaide factory and extended the company’s subsea pipeline fittings contract
  • A strategic investment in a software suite to expand AML3D’s IP.

Millar said that while the US Defence sector was the company’s key focus, it continued to support its global Tier 1 Oil and Gas and Energy customers.

He said: “We have initiated early phase discussions with Chevron Australia on how the AML3D OEM strategy can be adapted to improve the effectiveness and resilience of their supply chains and the supply chains of their suppliers and peer companies.

“We are also underpinning our success in creating shareholder value through our OEM strategy by strengthening our software development team to ensure we remain the certified WAAM technology leader.”

Late today AML3D’s shares were trading 6.45 percent or four cents higher on the ASX at 66 cents.

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