AML3D to produce invar “mandrel tool artifact” for Boeing


Additive manufacturing company AML3D announced on Wednesday that it received a purchase order from Boeing, which though small in dollar value offered the ASX-listed company a key opportunity to showcase its abilities.

According to a statement from AML3D, the sub-$50,000 order was to produce a part of roughly 150 kilograms out of invar-36.

Invar is a nickel-iron alloy with low thermal expansion rates.  

The part is described as a “mandrel tool artifact,” which the customer will test and assess for “mechanical properties, internal soundness, vacuum integrity and to assess AML3D’s ability to produce to Boeing specifications.” 

Though it was not a large order, it was highly significant due to the “credibility of [Boeing] together with the potential commercial benefits of future collaborations” with the aerospace giant.

Company founder and managing director Andy Sales said the order “will provide… a key opportunity to showcase [their] ability to produce parts on time and to specification with a high-quality customer as the world adapts to 3D printed solutions in addition to traditional manufacturing.”

AML3D is an Adelaide-based technology company, with a proprietary wire additive manufacturing (WAM) process that uses a robot to build up shapes layer by layer out of metal wire feedstock.

WAM combines metallurgical science and engineering design to fully automate the 3D printing process. 

AML3D offers a printing service as well as sells its Arcemy printing cells (pictured).

Picture: AML3D

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