AUKUS innovation challenge targets electronic warfare


The first in a series of AUKUS Innovation Challenges, the AUKUS Electronic Warfare Innovation Challenge, has been launched today through the Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA).

The first AUKUS Challenge will seek innovative solutions to shared electronic warfare challenges from industry and research institutions in Australia, the United Kingdom and United States.

ASCA will lead the Australian component of this challenge simultaneously alongside the United Kingdom, led by the Defence and Security Accelerator, and United States, led by the Defense Innovation Unit.

Defence said in a statement that the service was ‘looking forward to working with industry and research institutions to deliver cutting-edge capabilities’, while securing a competitive advantage to deter threats.

Each country will assess winners based on a set of pre-determined criteria aligned to national interests and priorities, with shared access to the best solutions across all three national challenges.

Head of ASCA Professor Emily Hilder said: “The electromagnetic spectrum is an increasingly contested, complex and competitive environment.

“It is exciting that electronic warfare is the first of the AUKUS Innovation Challenges and we look forward to seeing not only what Australian capability is available, but across our AUKUS partners as well.”

First Assistant Secretary AUKUS Advanced Capabilities Stephen Moore said: “The release of this challenge creates an opportunity for Australian defence industry and academia to pitch the very best ideas to a trilateral audience.”

Picture: Australian Defence Force/electronic warfare operators

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