‘Aussie Amazon’ launches new tick of approval for 100 per cent Australian made and owned products

Federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg will be a part of the official launch of the Buy Aussie Now marketplace, to take place today at Melbourne confectioner Ministry of Chocolate.

According to Buy Aussie Now, there are currently 6,500 businesses registered on the website, with around 15,000 products available. 

The official launch today (following a “soft launch” last year) will also highlight a new “tick of approval” available to vendors, with Ministry of Chocolate earning the first such tick. It will be made available to others “in the next 10-12 weeks.”

This mark will “help Australian shoppers identify businesses that are 100% Australian owned, and products that are 100% Australian made,” said BAN in a statement.

“The [tick identifier] will be free for all Australian businesses once they have been approved for sale. Every cent counts for small businesses, as many are in survival mode, and this is a simple way that can help them drive additional sales and marketing support,” said BAN CEO Chris White.

“2020 taught us all that it is important for each of us to always support our friends, family and local communities. We really can make a difference with every conscious shopping decision that we make. So many Australians want to support Aussie owned and made businesses but haven’t had a spot to go. Buy Aussie Now is the answer.

 “In effect, Buy Aussie Now is an Aussie made and owned Amazon. But the big difference is that the profits and importantly jobs, stay here in Australia. This is something we are all very proud of and is an important part of our ongoing legacy.”

The website was launched in September last year with 5,000 manufacturers, and has its origins in a popular Instagram page that began in March 2020 — to highlight locally-made products — that began following the Covid-19 outbreak and 2019/20 summer bushfires.

Buy Aussie Now said it found a gap in the market with its patriotic marketplace, raised $850,000 in its “start-up phase” and “is currently in the market for its significant phase two raise.”

The news follows the launch of a survey by @AuManufacturing and Hardman Communications yesterday on attitudes towards and definitions of Australian companies and products. You can participate in the survey here.

Image: Buy Aussie Now

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