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Austeng helps create new Monash Uni civil engineering research facility

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Geelong engineering firm Austeng was a key project partner in Monash University’s newly-launched National Drop Weight Impact Testing Facility at its Department of Civil Engineering.

The testing facility was funded through an Australian Research Council LIEF grant, and will have state-of-the-art technology to assess the behaviour of structures under severe impact loading of up to two tonnes.

“Austeng was proud to be part of this important project and collaborate with Monash University and I am delighted our team was able to deliver a practical and workable solution given the stringent performance parameters set by Monash and the significant engineering challenges involved,” said Ross George, Austeng Managing Director, in a statement.


Ross George and Marcus Cowie of Austeng

Austeng is a technology enabler for a variety of early-stage manufacturing businesses, and a maker of special purpose equipment. For the new Monash testing facility, it “engineered, manufactured, and installed the facility in line with the University’s requirements.”

The NDWITF is a collaboration between Monash and six other universities, and accessible to all researchers, students and industry. It was officially launched on Wednesday.

“A state-of-the-art impact engineering facility provides a national research focus on behaviour of construction materials and systems under impact loading with unique observation techniques,” said Associate Professor Amin Heidarpour, Monash’s head of structural engineering.

“The facility will advance understanding of the fundamental behaviour of critical infrastructure exposed to impact loading and will foster innovations in design and construction.”

Image and video: Monash

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A video of the new centre is below

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