Austin Engineering adds four new export markets

Mining equipment manufacturer Austin Engineering has announced their first orders from four new export markets as the company continues to expand its sales focus.

The Queensland manufacturer, which makes customised dump truck bodies, buckets, water tanks, tyre handlers and products utilised in the mining industry, has made its first ever sales to Egypt, the Ukraine, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

Managing director Peter Forsythe said: ” These new territories are important to Austin’s growth aspirations, as there are a number of mining regions around the world that are still largely operating with standard OEM products for truck bodies and excavator buckets.

“Adoption of Austin’s innovative replacement products in these regions would enhance production metrics significantly.”

The company is recovering from difficult trading conditions, including the loss of a major South American customer.

In March the company declared its first dividend in six years.

The value of the new orders is $6 million, however their importance is greater than the dollar figure as the sales represent maturing sales and marketing operations.

The Egyptian order, for example, came from the Austin ETT joint venture partnership entered into earlier this year.

The company said: “(It) is anticipated (the orders) provide a springboard for further sales into these markets.

“The majority of the orders received by value have been provided from subsidiary companies of large global miners.”

Austin’s core competitive advantage is in its engineering intellectual property, knowledge and experience, with the company also offering on and off-site repair and maintenance as well as heavy equipment lifting services to its clients.

Picture: Austin Engineering

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