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Australia’s oldest cement company acts towards net zero

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By Peter Roberts

Australia’s oldest cement manufacturer Adbri has doubled down on its commitment to net zero emissions from producing what are some of the world’s most important, but hard to abate, manufactures – cement and lime.

Used in construction and industries such as steel making Adbri’s products are highly carbon intensive, but it would be hard to envisage a modern economy without them.

The company, which has its origins as far back as 1882 with Australia’s first Portland cement plant at suburban Brighton in Adelaide, has a short term target of a seven per cent absolute reduction in operational emissions by FY24 compared to the FY19 baseline.

Previously known as Adelaide Brighton Cement, the company and industrial technology group Calix are co-developing a Calix calciner for lime production with CO2 capture in a five-year project.

The project will cover lime production of 30,000 tonnes a year and capture of 20,000 tonnes a year of CO2.

The company is also watching Calix’s LEILAC technology for zero emission cement production which is being tested in a full scale cement plant in Europe funded by the European Union and European cement producers.

Adbri has said: “This could present a technically viable pathway to zero emissions manufacturing for lime and cement.”

Now Adbri has announced the publication of its Adbri Cement Products Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), registered with EPD Australasia.

The company took to social media and said: Our Cement Products EPD shows that as at 18 November 2022, our Type GP cement produced at Birkenhead (in Adelaide) is Australia’s lowest embodied carbon Type GP cement verified under an EPD.

“Our pioneering use of alternative fuels, and domestic clinker production in South Australia has contributed to this result.”

The just released cement products EPD contains verified information about the environmental impacts of cement products produced by Adelaide Brighton Cement, Cockburn Cement, Northern Cement and Morgan Cement.

“At Adbri, we are committed to a sustainable future and have a goal to be net zero emissions by 2050.

“As part of this commitment, we are providing independently verified, transparent, and comparable information about the environmental impact of our products through the development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).”

Over coming months ADBRI will be adding to its collection of EPDs.

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Picture: Adbri’s Birkenhead works

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